KOSBAŞ, with its modern and positive sense of administration from the beginning, aimed to be a solution partner for the companies within the free trade zone.

KOSBAŞ has considered the foundations of social infrastructure with its professional management sense, in order to offer a modern working environment to workers and meet their social needs.

KOSBAޞ has a health center located within the free trade zone which is built for performance of first aid and outpatient treatments. The center is open 24 hours.

The environmental engineer and Labor Safety Personnel in Class A appointed by KOSBAޞ, are indicators of our care for the environment and our workers.

KOSBAޞ offers to the companies in the free trade zone all maintenance and repair services for infrastructure such as electricity, water, telephone, etc. as well as other services such as loading and u nloading, equipment hiring, waste collection and environmental protection. In addition, it also offers meal and catering services. With a floor space of 1500 m² equipped with modern technology infrastructure it has a capacity of 7.500 people for daily catering service.