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Valued Investors of Kocaeli Free Trade Zone, Distinguished Visitors, Welcome to our website KOSBAŞ. On our renewed website, we would like to state the current status of the Kocaeli Free Trade Zone. There is also information about the opportunities and benefits we offer to investors who want to execute manufacturing and trading activities in our free trade zone. Hopefully we can answer any questions from you on our website ...

Kocaeli Serbest Bölgesi Kurucu ve işleticisi A.Ş. (KOSBAŞ), the Turkish joint stock company as the founder and operator of Kocaeli Free Trade Zone, has started its activities in 2001. The free trade zone has a plot of 798 000 m² in size. To date, investments have been performed on a portion of 5 12,000 m² .

Having started its activities in 2001 as Kocaeli Free Zone, it was just a building for public purposes and a warehouse. To date, it has been developing gradually. In 2012, KOSBAŞ is a preferable free trade area within the other free trade zones of Turkey, for the manufacturing and trading companies. With its infrastructure, KOSBAS provides technically and socially modern atmosphere to the investors for production and trading activities.

Turkey has a population of 74 millions. Half of its population is below 28 years. Turkey is a young, strong and dynamic state. Due to its geopolitical position, Turkey has a strategic point, its doors open to the states of the European Union, the Asia region and the Middle East. Therefore, KOSBASž aims to supply major advantages for manufacturers and trading companies, who want to execute their works in global aspects.

Kocaeli Free Trade Zone is established on the Treasury plot. Due to its loca tion, close to the coast and logistic centers, it is a striking and important area. For example, Autoport - located next to the area, is a great advantage for current and future investors in the free trade zone.

Kocaeli is the second largest industrial city in Turkey and therefore, has a skilled work force. The demand for skilled workers is one of the first priorities in business and Kocaeli can meet such needs. This is another important advantage for companies that want to invest in this region.

With an export volume of 12,2 billion USD and 12,6 billion USD import volume, the city of Kocaeli has a significant share in foreign trade. Kocaeli has 10% share of Turkey’s foreign trade. Surveys about the existing work force of Kocaeli show that the distribuiton of working people as following: 74% workers, 19% administrative personnel, 6% engineer and 1% research and development personnel. Since the area lies on the coast, it is also a popular spot for shipyard i nvestment. In the free trade zone of Kocaeli, there are currently 7 yards. Various ships tugs or mega yachts are built here, to run on all the oceans of the world. This is another source of pride for KOSBAS.

In today’s rapidly changing world, where economy and business are globalized, you have to pay for an investment atmosphere where the risks are minimized as much as possible for domestic and foreign investors. This also applies for providing easy working conditions and a successful and active investment climate. This is a prerequisite to be able to attract domestic and foreign investors.

Kocaeli Free Trade Zone is not just limited to the legal characteristic of the free trade zones. It also provides benefits by geographic location and the industrial production of Kocaeli. In addition to regional advantages, KOSBAS also has an excellent management service in which it offers a modern, friendly, rapid and lean service.

You can be assured that KOSB AŞ and its personnel are available to answer all questions from investors who are looking for a new investment area.

I wish on behalf of KOSBAŞ, our investors and visitors all kinds of success, and by the way, congratulate your new year.

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