Our City; is the city which on the connection point between the Asia and the Europe, east of the Marmara Region and Sea of Marmara. Kocaeli has coast to Sea of Marmara and Blacksea. It has neighborhood with the biggest city of Marmara Region; İstanbul also, Sakarya, Bursa , Yalova. It has 1 metropolitan municipality and also13 municipalities like Izmit,Derince,Körfez,Gebze,Gölcük,Karamürsel,Kandıra,Başiskele,Kartepe,Çayırova,Darıca,Dilovası. Kocaeli has charm for settlement from the antiquity period and it became city in 1924. According the surfaces it is the 6th small city of Turkey and its surface area is 3,505 km2 . Its population is 1.601.720 people according to address based cencus in 2011. While 1.499.958 people are living in the city and county centers, 101.762 people are living in the villages. With its Highways, railroads, maritime lines and airways, it is an important transit point of Turkey. Kocaeli sets a role model not only for Turkey but also for the World with regards to its manufacture and added-value on industry sector and its workers. Kocaeli is an industrial city with its 400 first class an 7 000 second and third class non-sanitary enterprises. With its two universities, TUBİTAK, Marmara Research Centre and TUSSIDE, Kocaeli is also a science city. İts placed as industrial capital city with its 16 OSB’s and 4 technoparks which are constituted and in the procces of constitition and it progresses rapidly to be a Technocity. Our City is the second big city after İstanbul with its estimated contribution to manufactory. Our city is an important industrial city according to its workforce for white-collar workers and blue-collar workers. At the same time, İt has nice social possibilities which people can spend their leisure time. The city Kocaeli offers a chance to alternative tourism with its coasts to Blacksea and The Sea of Marmara, its closeness to İstanbul metropolis, historical artifacts, museums, mosques which Mimar Sinan’s work of art, natural beauties, beaches, tablelands, trecking fields, Sekapark, Fair of Kocaeli, International Int erteks Fair, Kartepe Ski Center, Yuvacık dam, picnic areas, Sapanca Lake, Darıca Faruk Yalçın Animal World, Botanic Garden, Coast of wonders, shopping centers, culture centers, Olympic Ice-skate Center and Gölkaypark. Also, Kocaeli is a brand for trading, industry, science, culture, tourism and art with its various culture and tourism values like qualified tourism facilities, seafood restaurants on the coast, World-famous Hereke carpets, Pişmaniye indigenous to city, Karamürsel basket, Kandıra cloth, Çenesuyu.