First Step,

You must fiil out the application form (Operating Licence Application Form). This form can be obtained from General Directorate for Free Zones, Foreign Investments & Services, or from the Regional Directorate of Free Zone or by downloading"Operating Licence Application Form" from our website.

Second Step,

The application fee is paid to the special account at te Central Bank of Turkish Republic.

Third Step,

Application is done to the Regional Directorate of Free Zone with the application form and its attachments.

4th Step,

Applications will be evaluated by the General Directorate


The application fee is refunded to the company


Following the acceptance of the application from General Directorate and their notification in written form, the company should sign the leasing contract with the operator or founder & operator of the free trade zone, latest within 30 days after written notification of the acceptance. If the company wants to conduct its activities as a tenant, it will sign a closed area lease contracts, if it wants to be active as an investor, then is expected to complete an open space property lease contact.The contract is then approved by the egional Directorate.

5th Step,

A copy of the completed and approved contract will be sent within 30 days, to the General Directorate for Free Zones, Foreign Investments & Se rvices.

6th Step,

The Activity Licence is issued by the General Directorate and sent to the company.If the company will be active as an invester-user, they get a construction licence for their construction project.Once the building is completed, the firm gets a settlement licence and then must begin with his activities in the zone.The company can also perform its activities during the construction, by enting a hall area within the free trade zone