Article 9 of the Free Zones Code, Number 3218: “All payments made within the Trade Zone shall be in foreign currency. The Council of Ministers may decide that the payments shall be made in Turkish Lira.”

The Free Zones Governing Regulations, Number 21520: “The value of goods in regard to the activities within the Free Zone, Private Account, service fees and labour costs and their bonuses, and also leasing fees shall be paid in foreign currency. Cabinet Decree dated 16/8/1985 and numbered 85/9801 will be applied to the payments made in Turkish Lira.”

Arti cle 1 of the Cabinet Decree dated 16.8.1985 and numbered 85/9801: “Activities and payments within the Free Zones shall be made in foreign currency according to the Law number 3218 and dated 6.6.1985.

However, service fees and fees for goods during the investment stage, and also leasing fees may be paid in Turkish Lira.”