• Ready Intrastructure
  • Catering Services
  • Restaurant Services
  • Common Health and Security Unit (OSGB ) Services
  • Rental Investment Lands and Open/Closed Commercial Areas
  • Rapid Customs Clearance
  • Autoparking Service
  • Loading and Unloading etc. Services


Ready Intrastructure

Intrastructure Features: Potable water network, natural gas, energy distribution net, Central Switching Systems, Transformer Units, fire hydrants, road and environmental lightening, Sewerage System, Storm drains, Telephone and Internet lines, Metro Ethernet, Fiber-optic line, Data lines and satellite communication systems.

Catering Services

We provide catering services with a capacity of 7.500 person/day. Our services use state-of-the art technology, strong intrastructure and a hygi enic cooking process within a 1.500 m2 closed area. 

Restaurant Service

Our Restaurant provides a business meal service with its beautiful seafront location and varied menu.

Common Health and Safety Unit (OIZ) Service

We provide a 24 hour emergency and ambulance service and also health services within the scope of the OIZ (Organized Industrial Zone).

Rental Investment Lands and Open/Closed Commercial Areas

Rental Areas totalling 798.000 m2 are available, with 2.600 m2 for rental offices, 1.500 m2 for general warehouses, 1.000 m2 for private depots, 1.800 m2 for modular – closed business areas and 13.500 m2 for open warehouse areas.

Rapid Customs Clearence

The Izmit Customs Authority provides its services from its new service building within the KOSBAŞ- Kocaeli Free Zone.

Autoparking Services

We are at your service with a total 21.000 m2 autoparking area for TIR, lorries, commercial vehicles, automobiles, etc.

Loading / Unloading and Other Services

Loading / Unloading, team and equipment leasing, forklift support, trash/garbage collection and environmental cleaning services are provided.